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Tracking Links with Goal Tracker for Google Analytics

Tracking links is easy with Goal Tracker for Google Analytics and offers more functionality than the built-in Enhanced Analytics features.

You can choose to track all the links on the website (including internal links) or just external links pointing away from your website.

To enable link tracking, head over to the plugin’s General Settings tab and toggle the box, and then select whether you want to track all the links or just outgoing links.

When tracking a link click, we record the following metrics and dimensions:

Parameter (Metric / Dimension)Collected Data
page_titleThe title of the current page
page_locationURL of the current page
link_urlThe link URL
link_domainThe domain the link points to
link_classesThe HTML classes that the link element has
link_textThe text of the link element

How do I view link_click events in Google Analytics? #

Like most event-related dashboards, you will have to create one yourself.

Go to the Explore section in Google Analytics and create a blank report.

Add the following Dimensions and Metrics:

Then, create a filter only to show the link_click events:

You can use the Metrics and Dimensions to create reports.

Here is one example, but experiment and see what works for you:

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