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Goal Tracker Pro for Google Analytics

A no-code WordPress plugin for integrating with Google Analytics GA4.

30 day money back guarantee.

Exclusive Features

With Goal Tracker Pro for Google Analytics you can:

Track Element Visibility

Track who views a piece of content on your website. For example, of the people who scrolled down and viewed lead gen form, how many converted?

Track Button Clicks

Track click events on any element on the page. This could be buttons, links, navigation and more.

Track Forms

Full Contact Forms 7 integration - Track your contact form submissions with just a few clicks.

Track Videos

Want to know how many people viewed an embedded video? We have support for YouTube, Vimeo, and Self Hosted videos.

Add Dynamic Data to Events

Placeholders help you add more context to events. From Page Author checking if the user is logged in, placeholders allow you to work faster with fewer events.

User Tracking

Enable User Tracking to segment logged in users in Google Analytics.

Use Recommended Events

Take out the guesswork when working with Google Analytics Recommended events. Use our recommended events form to tell exactly what goes into the event instead of going back and forth to the Google Analytics documentation.


You can add more data to events by using Placeholders.
Populate your metrics and dimensions (event parameters) with information like the page author, button text, has the user logged in and much more.
With placeholders, you can be more productive by creating fewer events and by including site-specific data in each event.

Video Tracking

Track your embedded videos: YouTube, Vimeo, or Self Hosted (from the media library).
You can see how many people started watching a video, progress and how many completed it.

Audio Tracking

Do you know who listened to your embedded audio files?
Audio tracking allows you to track music and podcast episodes that you upload to the website.

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"Saves lots of messing around with GTM"

Have a question?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee policy - No questions asked. 


Yes, the plugin was build for GA4.

Unfortunately the new Google Analytics collects data in a completely different way.

Goal Tracker for Google Analytics was built to support the new tracking structure and does not support Universal Tracking. 

Yes. We will give you a heads up before renewing the subscription.

No. You can use our plugin to track your Vimeo video regardless of your Vimeo subscription.